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For Breast Cancer Advocates

The meeting will be open for community members, and we will make an effort to distribute information on ILC in lay language. A representative patient advocate group is working on an agenda focused on patients, their families and advocates. We will post updates here.

Selected scientific sessions (based on speakers’ consent) will be recorded and posted on the ILC symposium website after the end of the Symposium (similar to what was done for prior ILC Symposia). It will be available for free, and no registration is required to watch the recorded sessions.

Digital Toolkit for Advocates

We are delighted to present the “Digital Toolkit for Advocates” designed exclusively for patient advocates attending the ILC Symposium 2024. This comprehensive toolkit is aimed at enhancing your symposium experience by providing valuable resources and empowering you in your advocacy journey.

Inside the toolkit, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources, including:

📽️ Video Recordings: Access video recordings of past symposium sessions to catch up on valuable insights shared by renowned experts in the field.

🎧 Instructive Recordings: Dive deeper into instructive sessions that offer valuable tips and advice on patient advocacy, communication, and empowerment.

🔗 Links to Advocacy Resources: Discover a curated collection of links to advocacy resources, including Facebook groups and other online platforms where you can connect with like-minded advocates.

💡 Useful Resources: Find a compilation of valuable resources, documents, and informative materials that can aid you in your advocacy efforts.

This Digital Toolkit is your companion throughout the symposium and beyond, offering a wealth of knowledge and support to enhance your advocacy journey. We hope these resources empower you to make a positive impact in the field of invasive lobular breast cancer research.

Click here to access the Digital Toolkit for Advocates

Content from the ILC Symposium 2023

CLICK HERE for the ILC Workshop Agenda 2023

Session 1 Slides (2023)

GlobMob (Patient Advocate) Organizing Committee