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Welcome to ILC 2023!

Celebrating the Success of the ILC Symposium 2023!

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the ILC Symposium 2023. Your presence, diverse perspectives, and unwavering support played a pivotal role in making the symposium a resounding success. Our thanks to all researchers, patient advocates, and clinicians for their active involvement.

We were honored to have hosted 221 attendees in person and 51 virtually, creating a vibrant global exchange of knowledge. The symposium was enriched by the participation of individuals from 15 different countries, fostering a truly international dialogue.

Together, we’re advancing understanding of ILC, improving treatments, and enhancing support for those affected. We look forward to the positive outcomes and collaborations arising from this symposium.

With warm regards,

Organizing Committee ILC 2023

Watch the recorded sessions below

Thank you to the presenters who agreed to record and share their presentations.  Not all presentations were recorded. Please contact the presenters directly with questions. For the complete agenda, click here.

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