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Travel Fellowship Awardees

Travel Fellowship Awardees

We are thrilled to announce the distinguished recipients of the Travel Fellowship for the upcoming ILC Symposium 2023. These exceptional individuals have demonstrated outstanding dedication and contributions to the field of invasive lobular breast cancer research.

Awardees attending from within the USA will receive $800, while international attendees will receive $1200 in fellowship amounts. These fellowships aim to assist participants in covering their expenses and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for knowledge exchange.

Join us in congratulating the following scholars who have been selected to receive the prestigious Travel Fellowship Award, listed below and here.

Their commitment and passion exemplify the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that the ILC Symposium stands for. We eagerly anticipate their participation and look forward to their valuable contributions at the symposium.
We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all applicants for their exceptional submissions and encourage everyone to be part of this inspiring event.